5 Super Bowl Party Essentials

The Super Bowl is more than just a day of football. I believe it’s greatest purpose is to give a little excitement to the worst season of the year. NYE was a month ago, and I’m sure no more than 40% of the population actually anticipates Valentines Day. So, here we have a day of football where friends gather round to watch a game, which for the majority of Americans doesn’t include their home team.

Nonetheless, we love Super Bowl because humans love to celebrate life whenever possible. Ah, I’ll cut the bullsh*t, Americans love to party. Tons of booze and just as much junk food is what keeps  Super Bowl momentum alive.

In order to optimize your celebratory event of this sporting match, here is a list of 5 essentials for a kick *ss Super Bowl Party.

1. Nachos

Jealous that you won’t be in Arizona watching the game live? Look at the bright side, you get to watch the  game and party with friends. While people will spend 20% of gametime in lines to get food, or simply starve to not miss a second of the action, you will be home grubbing on nachos. No! not those fake tortilla chips with microwaved cheese i’m talking about fully loaded goodness with real white queso!

Chipotle Black Bean Nachos

2.) Wings

Wings seem to be the ultimate sporting game food at any bar or pub, but it’s only during Super Bowl where people take their homemade wing game very seriously. Not providing these will be a let down, maybe even disgruntled guests, unless your friends are vegetarian.  Some might even expect those ‘faux-chicken’ wings. Simply, people love wings- give the people what they want.

sweet & sticky hot wings | Culinary Inspiration

3.) Something Hearty

There is only so much chips & dip one can consume. If you are having guests arrive well before the game, they are going to be craving some real food by half time. Ordering a pizza or two is always a good idea, but if you’re looking to make something homemade, sandwiches are the way to go!

Meatball Grinder

 4.) Disposable Ware

It’s going to be a long day, and whether your team is the one that wins or loses, you will NOT be in the mood to do dishes. Just because you’re a practical host, doesn’t mean you can’t be a stylish one. Disposable dining ware is an easy way to ‘decorate’ for your event.

This set of blue chevron plates from Cheeky match both the Seahawks & Patriots team colors. Plus your purchase of a Cheeky product donates one meal through Feed America. Who would have thought that watching football could be so stylish & charitable.

Black Bean Nachos on Cheeky Table Top

 5.) Beer & Cocktails

Good or bad game, drinks are needed. If the game is bad, then you can drink and have a good time. If the game is good, your obviously going to need a beverage to cheers with, even if its after every down, or rush or whatever it is. I don’t understand the rules of football, but this article is about the PARTY. Be careful- It’s only a party until the booze runs out…

Brazilian Caipirinha

Best of luck to your team and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Kiano Moju


Founder of Culinary Inspo. Kiano is a California raised foodie with a big travel bug and even bigger appetite to explore the world's food and cultures.

  1. Geez, I want to come to YOUR HOUSE for game day next year. 🙂 What a great spread. In fact, I’d love a Meatball Grinder right now–for breakfast. Too bad the Seahawks lost, but good game nonetheless.

    1. Such a sad loss. It was oh so close, I didn’t see that game ending like that. However, it was a VERY entertaining finish to a game.

  2. Kiano,
    You’ve nailed the basics for the party! I never worry about watching the game–but I time my kitchen runs so I don’t miss the commercials. I have my priorities.

    1. haha! Yes! It’s hard to watch the game while hosting, so I’ll happily spend time entertaining over spectating.

  3. I completely agree – Superbowl is at a perfect time. we are coming down from all the holiday festivities, and, while it is bright and sunny right now in Portland, it is usually dark and cold and we need some fun, right?

    those sandwiches look perfect, I could go for one right now!

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