+ Meet Kiano

Kiano Moju is a California raised foodie with a big travel bug and even bigger appetite to explore the world’s food & cultures. Taking culinary classes since age seven, she has always been drawn to experimenting in the kitchen. Spending childhood summers on her Maasai grandparent’s farm in Kenya, she grew up learning the cuisines of two very different worlds.

During her final year of her undergraduate study, she started a recipe blog in order to share with her friends how she cooked while living as a student.

After graduating from Syracuse University, she moved to Los Angeles, and in 2014, launched her food focused lifestyle website, Culinary Inspiration.

Her cooking style is a blend of all the cuisines she has stumbled across her various dining & travelling experiences, but when Kiano is in the kitchen, guaranteed the music is bumpin’. Be it jazz, hip-hop or 90s pop music, meal preparation regularly turns into a mini dance session.

+ What is the meaning behind the logo?

“The idea behind the logo is to explore one’s personal taste through Culinary Inspiration, the spark to your culinary growth… The graphic represents a flame with a fingerprint within.  This encourages the idea of exploring one’s personal tastes.  The flame signifies a spark or interest with the potential of growth.  The small shape at the base of the flame also represents a seed to further convey growth through culinary inspiration.” – Matthew Nichols, graphic designer & creator of our logo.

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If you would like your bar, restaurant, cafe, hotel, product, etc. to be considered for review, or if you’re involved in something you think Culinary Inspo readers would love/obsesses over please shoot an e-mail to info@culinaryinspo.com

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