Berlins Döner Kebab

Getting outside of your “traditional” LA restaurant scene to find something new to crave sounds like a hassle, until you find Berlins. Sitting not far from the Grove, Berlins provides self-proclaimed “foodies” with the international flare all of LA has been missing.

Keeping to the classic German Döner Kebabs, the owners provide us with a glimpse to one of the best and favored street foods you would find in Germany. And, it is as authentic as you’d hope, giving you a restaurant that has found its niche in a city full of diversity.


Walking into Berlins and hearing the fresh & modern tunes, you can’t help but feel excited and smile at the relaxed feeling you get from the place.


Berlins Counter Seating


Keeping it simple and to the point, there are 3 ways to have your ‘döner.’

Sandwich (pictured below)| Wrap | Salad

Don’t deny yourself the carbs for this treat. The bread used is delivered fresh from a local bakery, and made exclusively for Berlins, adding to the hype that is Berlins’ Döner Kebab.

Berlins Doner Kebab

The Turkish word ‘Doner’, literally translates to rotating meat, which is exactly how the meat is prepared and cut. So, for your protein you can choose their traditional 10-grade Beef & Lamb, their marinated chicken, or their veggie option. And just in case you’re wondering, there is no mystery meat involved in this creation.

Chicken Doner at Berlins

Finally, before heading off to fill your belly, you have to top off your meal with fresh and locally grown vegetables and one of their 4 sauces, which makes the meal complete in my eyes.

Berlins Fries w. Curry Ketchup

Don’t be afraid to take some home with you, because the kebab’s size should not be taken lightly.

From pro to light eaters, most will enjoy every bite of this delectable meal and seek to add it as their cheat meal of the week. Every ‘Doner’ is 550 calories or less!

To keep things interesting, you can also take your pick from their selection of boba tea.

Berlins Boba

True foodies, begin to swoon.

8474 W 3rd St. Los Angeles

Beverly Grove




Monday – Saturday 11:30am-9:30pm
Sunday 11:30am-8:00pm

Dashaun Gasque


Dashaun is a Jersey boy with an appetite to match the size of China. Viewing every meal like he does other cultures, he sees food as an opportunity to learn and experience something new, while embracing the "fat man" inside of him with open arms.

  1. We live in No. Calif drove down to LA to get one of these magnificent sandwiches! Well worth the drive. If you’ve never experienced one of the mouth watering adventures go out of your way to taste one! So good we brought some home. Oh and did I mention the owners,Matthias and Simon, two of LA’s finest young men!!

  2. My first visit to LA and I ended up here! The food and boba tea were SO good. Did I mention that staff was super friendly too?

    Can’t wait to go back! 🙂

  3. Everything about this restaurant looks fabulous! Next time I’m in LA I hope to check it out, thanks for the fab review!

  4. Berlins restaurant sounds like a really fun place to hang out and eat delicious meals. Great post.

  5. I have never even heard of Doner Kebob! Looks incredible. I love learning about new foods.

  6. I am drooling over this restaurant. I haven’t been back to LA in probably 12 years, but I would come back just to try this food.

    1. There’s ALWAYS something cool happening in food in LA! So awesome that doner kebab finally got here.

  7. That looks amazing! I am not in LA often but I’ll have to track this place down when I pass through this summer! 🙂

    1. Doner kebab is so good! And this place actually uses whole steak, not that strange mystery meat.


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