5 Simple & Romantic Campus Date Ideas

Juggling papers, chem labs, tailgates and toga parties is hard enough, but when you throw a romantic relationship into the mix, things can get even trickier. As a college student in a romantic relationship, it’s easy to forget that actually going on dates is a crucial part of dating. Not to mention, coming up with a date idea that’s not your run of the mill dinner and a movie is a whole different challenge.

I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of suggesting some of my favorite campus date ideas that are out of the box but still keep it close to campus.

Playing Hooky

I know it’s not the responsible thing to do, but with breaking the rules comes a special kind of fun. Convince your other half to skip out on a class (or two) and go do something fun instead. Go out to eat, get a leisurely cup of coffee or even grab a few drinks. Do something you’re not supposed to do, get your blood pumping and live a little!

 Turn Your Dorm Room Into a Movie Theater

You don’t need a big screen and stadium seating for a personal showing of one of your favorite flicks. Turn off the lights, bring out the pillows and blankets and get cozy. Grab your favorite candy and pop that popcorn. Even better, make it a surprise for your significant other! It’s a simple gesture but setting it up will make it feel even more special and thoughtful.

Tip: A perfectly stocked College Food Trunk is your secret weapon for always having these snacks on hand.

 Brown Bag It

While it may seem almost too simple, there’s something romantic and intimate about sitting on the floor of a dorm room eating out of to-go containers and stealing bites of each other’s meal while awkwardly trying to master the art of chopsticks. Go pick up some take out and spend the night in. It’s super casual but it’s different. It’s not just eating out of a pizza box it’s a real meal that you can share together—just you, your better half and dinner in a brown bag.

 Breakfast In Bed

While at first thought this date idea may seem completely unrealistic, bear with me. Every school has its own traditions. Mine just so happened to have a fantastic bagel bar every Saturday Morning. Go to your friendly neighborhood Campus Center or Student Union and grab your breakfast to go! If you move fast enough you and your partner may just be able to crawl back under the covers before the sheets get cold. Spend the morning eating your breakfast and sipping your coffee within the cozy confines of your double long mattress!

 The Tried and True

When was the last time you packed a good picnic? Unload the books from the backpack and pack up your favorite foods. Even thought it may not seem so unique, it’s a classic date that doesn’t happen enough. It’s easy to do, doesn’t require much planning and has the kind of flexibility that allows you to make it as casual or fancy as you wish. Do wine, cheese, crackers and fruit spreads for a more lavish spread or the crowd favorite peanut butter and jelly with a couple drinks and a few other snacks for a serendipitous date.

Courtney Freese

Courtney is 22 and currently lives in Florida. She is a recent graduate of Rollins College with her Bachelor’s in Art History and still getting a handle on post-grad life. She’ll be spending the next year as an AmeriCorps member serving the greater Orlando area. When Courtney isn’t working late, pinning, or trying to convince her boyfriend to buy her a puppy, she can be found in her kitchen, in someone else’s kitchen, or at the gym burning calories from the aforementioned kitchen visits. Her passion for cooking and all things food started with her Little Tykes kitchen at the ripe age of four. Since then she has upgraded her kitchen and developed a more mature palette.

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  1. Turn your dorm room into a movie theater is my favorite!! SoO0 cute 🙂 I had my bed lofted throughout college and one time my boyfriend and I built a fort and watched movies inside of it — was the cutest. He made popcorn on the stove, it was the perfect night in.

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