Getting Groceries On Campus

Certain universities are BLESSED. UCLA students have it made with their Westwood Village. A Target, Ralph’s, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods & CVS all at their doorstep. On top of that, there’s a farmers market in the village every Thursday.

My university was a bit more isolated. The only walking distance grocery we could get was from the university’s stores which had very very limited options. Here are a few tips I picked up along the way to gaining access to grocery stores when your campus is in the middle of bumble fuck nowhere!

Campus Store

Most convenient option but depending on your Unvi. It may not be the cheapest or healthiest option. However, you’ll be thankful for that box of cereal on a snowed in day.

Stock Up

On move-in day or whatever weekend your parents are in town, is the ideal time to stock up! Don’t direct all your focus on your room decor or getting a dress for winter formal. Especially if the stores are far, this is the prime time for you to stock up your ‘food trunk‘ with non-perishables.

Bum a Ride

To know someone with a car as a freshman is finding the Golden Ticket. Be considerate and ask your friend with a car if you can ride along next time they go to the store to not inconvenience them. Otherwise always offer gas $ on special trips just for you

Split a Cab

If you don’t know anyone with a car, or someone who’s willing see which of your friends & neighbors need to make a store trip. Do your homework on the more trust worthy & cheap cab companies that students frequently use.

Rent a ZipCar

It’s a really nice service if it’s available because it allows you to run as many off campus errands as you want. As usual, finding a buddy who needs to so a few things as well will cut down the costs.

Order Online

With services like Amazon Fresh, it’s never been easier to get groceries straight to you. Many grocery stores are now offering delivery services & have special discounts for 1st time users. If you’re in a big city, certain corner  store/deli’s offer groceries on meal delivery app’s like Seamless. So while you’re trying to pre-order the new iPhone, also drop in an order of chicken, tomatoes & berries.

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  1. Like many other students living on campus, Choi is aware of the inconvenience of obtaining fresh produce and even said that on some weekends, she would often bike to her brother’s house off campus to use his car in order to go grocery shopping. Safeway is definitely bikeable,” she said.


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