Giving 2nd Chances: Foods To Try One More Time

Being in your early twenties, there are many social pressures for to leave childish tastes behind and do more ‘grown-up’ stuff. 

Well thank goodness for these pressures because could you imagine life with our coffee, salad, or red wine. 

The  C.I. editorial staff surveyed some friends to see what second chances they’re glad to have taken when it comes to facing those once ‘icky’ items again.  Isn’t it about time we put on our big kid pants and give that foie gras another try?


“Beets. I used to dread them and wonder how people could eat such ungodly creatures.  I don’t remember what got me to try them again, but ever since then it’s been a true love story comparable to ‘The Notebook’. They’re so versatile and flavorful.  I love them roasted, grilled and raw! – Josh Marquez

“I hated calamari for years until trying it early this year at Herringbone.  Then you taught me how to make it and I’m still obsessed! I think it was the chewy texture I didn’t like the first time, but the second time the flavor got me hooked!” – Alyssa Baker

Check out this super easy Greek Calamari recipe!

Greek Calamari

” As a child I hated broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and brown rice. But now I love them all.” – Christina Jones

” My family grew up spending our summers in Maine.  The first food you think of when you hear Maine? Lobster.  When I was little, I used to bring my own caesar salad when we went across the harbor to the local lobster shack. Now, I devour lobster and love to dip it in butter! Salad?! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!” – Abby Zelenka

“Grapefruit! Totally an acquired taste!” – Orelia Jonathan

“I grew up slightly afraid of strawberries. Definitely the seeds. Not sure if it was because I thought a giant strawberry tree would grow in my stomach, or if I just thought they were weird, but sure enough I decided at a very ripe young age that I never wanted to have one. Finally after a long night of partying at age 22, I finally had one…then two…then the whole carton! Hooked ever since.” – Brendan Nagle

Recipe: Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries


” I’ve always loved eating absolutely everything (big surprise), but I’ve never been a fan of eggplant.  I did try a really good eggplant parmesan recently, which is the only way I’ll eat it. Maybe because it’s completely disguised by cheese, which makes everything better.” – Nicole Lauture 

“BEER!” – Daniel Boivert

“Aside from any and all types of alcohol, I used to hate most Italian foods (esp. spaghetti) and brisket but now enjoy both. The same goes for fish. Additionally, I have not been too fond of chicken but will now consume it periodically.” – Steve E.

“Growing up I wasn’t a fan of kale.  What got me into it was a 30-day smoothie challenge.  Every single juice recipe called for kale. I had to suck it up. Now I can’t get enough! I put it in everything; green juices, salads, stir fry. Everything.” – Efe Ebhohimen  

Recipe: Pesto Tortellini Soup (w. Tuscan Kale & Italian Sausage)

Pesto Tortellini Soup

“I hated meatloaf when I was a kid and literally up until a month ago when you made it, I would not try, taste, smell or even look at it. I think with meatloaf it’s really about the recipe.” – Chloe Slade

*Note. I made Chloe a Moroccan Spiced Meatloaf with Harissa Ketchup Glaze. 

“My dad ate chicken all the time and I used to put up a fight every time I had to eat it. Now I can’t get enough of it. It is my go to food if I don’t see anything good on a menu in a new restaurant.” – Gabriel Isserlis

Recipe: Sweet & Sticky Hot Wings

sweet & sticky hot wings | Culinary Inspiration

“When I was younger, I could not stand any peppers or onions.  I would pick them out of everything I ate. Years later, I decided to give them another try… I now put green peppers, orange peppers, red peppers and all types of onions in EVERYTHING I cook, ranging from omelets to dinner dishes.  I actually find some foods to be bland without the combined flavors of the various peppers and onions… to just imagine how many years I missed out on eating them!” – Sharon Dunmore

“Scotch.” – Ji Lee

“Fish, baked or fried! I absolutely hated it when I was little. I still don’t do fish fillets really, but if the fish is seasoned well, I’m all game.  I have also grown a love for raw (sushi) so I guess time heals all.” – Beverly Ibeh 

Recipe: Smoked Salmon, Poached Egg & Mushroom with Baguette

Salmon for breakie, why aren't you fancy?
Salmon for breakie, why aren’t you fancy?

“Seafood in general. I used to hate the texture but now I love it.” – Laura Szatkowski

“I used to despise tomatoes.  And when I say despise I mean ‘despise.’ Nevertheless, I bought some cherry tomatoes a few weeks ago — read a healthy snack article that had persuaded me.  Combined with Laughing Cow cheese and some spinach, they were delicious.  Tomatoes, I now welcome you with open arms, er, taste-buds (on occasion).” – Allyssa Kaiser 

“Brussels sprouts!!! I never liked them as a kid, because they look like mini cabbage (which I’m also not crazy about) and if not cooked right, they can be quite mushy.  A few years ago I tried them again… before the whole brussels sprouts craze started… and when cooked right (boiled then roasted) they are one of my absolute faves!” –Ilana Kaye

“I don’t think I have ever met a food I didn’t like!” – Hannah Fuhrman 


What foods are you happy that you gave a second chance?  Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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