In The Kitchen With: Gypsy Garden’s Jessica Riley Jones

Los Angeles based accessory designer Jessica Riley Jones steps into the Culinary Inspiration kitchen to learn how to make my Provençal Chicken Salad recipe, which is makes an amazing sandwich for a Garden Tea Party.

Jessica is the creator of Gypsy Gardens “a collection of flower crowns dedicated to the people that unlock creativity & love gracefully”.

Juggling a busy schedule of designing and creating flower crowns for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, I was excited for her to have taken time out of her busy schedule to demonstrate this quick and simple recipe. Showing that it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to make something fabulous!

C.I: Who taught you how to cook?

J: My mom and grandma. My mom cooked a lot when I was younger.  When I was little she would make crazy homemade food, like she would make spaghetti from scratch.

C.I: How did you get started in the kitchen?

J: I’m the oldest so  I’ve always helped my mom in the kitchen.  My younger brother is actually a good cook, he’s 11.  I cooked really young. I had to because of my younger siblings when my mom was at work.

C.I: Do you make an effort to cook for yourself now that you’re living on your own?

J: I almost think right now it’s a trend to be at home and cook for yourself. If you’re at home and have 30 minutes to cook, you can cook for the next day.

C.I: What have been the upsides to making more meals at home?

J: Since I cook for myself or my boyfriend, Luke, will cook for me, I save money and when we go out its a treat.  We can make a really nice date out of it.

C.I: How would you rate your culinary skills from 1-10, 10 being the best.

J: 6, because I only make stuff I know how to make.  I never try anything new. I’m like ‘this is easy, I already know how to make it.’  I have to follow a recipe and go out and get that stuff. I can just look at my pantry and be like I can combine this and this…

If you, like I have, have fallen in love with Jessica’s flower crowns, you can send in your order requests to

Photos Courtesy of Gypsy Gardens


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