Lunch Guide: York, England

York is a wonderful small city in the north of England, it’s the centre of Yorkshire, and becoming increasingly popular.

Since the Viking times York has stood strong, collecting beautiful buildings and cobbled streets, a real pleasure to wander around. Even though it is a small city, you can explore the centre in an hour or two, it’s still a challenge to find a really good place for a quick and cheap lunch, even for someone who has always lived here. So I took it upon myself to try a few places.

Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary Inspiration

First of all I headed to Gillygate, an unlikely street, leading out of the centre of town and with a fair bit of traffic. But in recent years a number of really nice places have started popping up here. As it was lunch time, I started off in the deli –Tarts and Titbits, a bit of an institution in York.

Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary Inspiration


The man behind the counter talks to everyone like friends with a kind of slightly eccentric warmth, my Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary Inspirationkinda place that! I ordered an onion Bahji burger – olive bread, wonder crispy onion Bahji, mango chutney and yoghurt – and thoroughly enjoyed it! Best £3 I spent all day!

After such a tasty, and enormous, lunch I was all set for a good coffee. There are several choices just on the same street so I chose the closest, ‘The Perky Peacock Coffee Shop’.

Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary Inspiration

With a stylish colour scheme and a pretty casual interior it was a great place to sit for 20 minutes and enjoy a latte.

Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary Inspiration
After a good go at Gillygate I wandered about town a bit, a favorite place of mine is Licc– a pretty good ice cream shop on Little Stonegate.

Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary InspirationThey make all their own ice creams in lots of whacky flavors which is just what you need after walking around stone streets in the sunshine. Today I went for a mango sorbet but the strawberry and kiwi is pretty good too.

Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary Inspiration

If if you were coming to York for a more leisurely afternoon, rather than jamming in a sandwich, coffee and ice cream in an hour, head to Mannions & Co. on Blake Street. Huge sharing boards and platters of cheeses, pickles and meats with a healthy balance of cake and coffee too. But a word of warning, it’s always full!

Lunch Guide: York, England | Culinary Inspiration

So here we are, a really quick guide to lunch in York!

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  1. There’s a fantastic sicilian restaurant on the outskirts of York, Trinacria on Bishopthorpe road. I don’t wish to over-hype it, but everything there is honestly amazing, the coffee, the italian pastries, the ice cream, the pasta, the BURGER.

  2. So glad you guys are getting travel inspired by this post! York really is one of my favourite places, anywhere in the country. A real must for anyone visiting the UK!

  3. What a charming city. I’ve never been to England but whenever I do visit someplace, I much prefer small towns and opportunities to investigate and relax and not battle teeming crowds. This sounds about right!

  4. Iona,
    I have a piece of cooking equipment I picked up in York! We were on a bus trip from Germany, and I know we stopped in York and Edinburgh . . . and several sweater shops, and I’m not sure what all else. But when we were in York for some reason I bought a little vessel which I’ve been using for about 20 years now.
    On my next trip to York I’m most looking forward to Mannions!

  5. How truly beautiful and exciting! I would love to visit England one day, and share the experiences that you have shown 🙂


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