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I have been fortunate enough to live within walking distance to an amazing food area in Los Angeles. The number of food options can leave an indecisive person very over whelmed when it comes to choosing a place to dine.  Beverly Hills is home to so many acclaimed restaurants and local treasures, that I can’t imagine ever making my way to all of them.

Here is a list of my favorite menu items found on this restaurant row, listed in order of appearance heading south of Wilshire Blvd.


Thai Beef & Noodle Salad | The South Beverly Grill

This salad find gets credited to my mother.  She was in town & went to dinner and discovered this salad and was oh so kind enough to order me one to go.  It was one of the best unexpected surprises I’ve ever had.  The dressing is almost like a that sweet chili vinaigrette with sizely pieces of grilled filet mignon, perfectly ripe mango, and just the right amount of avocado to neutralize that sweet/tangy feel.  This may be the only food item that has peanuts, where I don’t ask to ‘hold the peanut’.


Ding’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich | The Honor Bar

Right next door to the South Beverly Grill, is their smaller venue, The Honor Bar.  This place is one of the few bar/restaurants I’ve been to in LA that has such a NYC feel. On one of the many nights where my roommate Chloe & I roamed the streets of Beverly Dr. looking for something to grab and go, fate brought us here.  We ordered the first item on the menu, a chicken sandwich that deceitfully looks plain and simple with just krispy chicken, tomato, swiss & dressed kale.  Let’s just say this is the ONLY sandwich I’d eat for dinner because each ingredient is prefect.


Chocolate Croissant | Chaumont 

An authentic French bakery & cafe from it’s interior to the food.  Chaumont tempts customers with a grand display of fresh pastries and desserts.  The breakfast and lunch menu are both fabulous, but the one item that gets me to walk over sluggishly in the morning is their chocolate croissant.  I’m not sure why I ever ordered it, considering I am not the biggest croissant fan, but the bars of semi-sweet chocolate that hide between each flaky layer make all the difference.  If you know someone who is having a bad day.  Pick them up a cappuccino and chocolate croissant from Chaumont & they’ll be walking on sunshine.


Mango Lassi | Saffron

I like Saffron for one reason only.  It certainly isn’t fancy, or the best Indian food in town, but they give me the option of having Indian food on the go, without the typical 20 minute wait.  So when I’m doing my typical dilly dally of choosing where I want to dine, I’ll pop into Saffron and get a Mango Lassi, an Indian Yogurt drink.  Pre-made, I can have a light quick snack that I can happily sip on and successfully prevent hanger from arising.


Fig & Arugula Pide | Momed

Momed is actually the first place I dined at on Beverly Dr.  I stopped in to grab a to-go lunch before driving back to the Bay Area.  At this time I hadn’t yet moved to LA, and was in the neighborhood apartment hunting.  If I had know what amazingness lied within that to-go box, I would have delayed my departure, and properly sat down to have enjoyed it.

First of all, it has halloumi! If you don’t know about halloumi you need to get in your tummy ASAP.  I first had this ‘grilling cheese’ while living in London, and this was my first time seeing it in the US, so I had to order it. I’ve never had a pide before, honestly didn’t know what to expect.  What I got was this surprisingly filling Turkish semi-open faced flatbread stuffed with halloumi, caramelized onion, fig slices & plenty of arugula.

Oh and they have Pide Mondays: $10 Pide, $15 bottles of wine. A nice way to make Monday suck much less.


Seared Albacore Burger | Burger Lounge

I love Burger Lounge! This So-Cal burger chain always seems to be where and I need it.  They don’t have icky fries, that goodness.  Surprisingly for the country that consumes the most French fries, there seems to be an overabundant amount of crappy one’s lately. Well, besides the yummy made-to-order fries.  Their seared albacore is my jam! Key to a good burger/sandwich is to make sure that each ingredient is yummy.  This tuna burger has watercress, a roasted tomato relish & a lemon-basil aoili. So there is no mystery why it tastes so damn good.

I’m certain there is plenty more to be discovered here, but that would require for me to pass all this other aforementioned goodness to find it.  It’s a touch challenge, but eventually I’ll meander into somewhere new and discover another item I love.

The exploration continues…



Kiano Moju


Founder of Culinary Inspo. Kiano is a California raised foodie with a big travel bug and even bigger appetite to explore the world's food and cultures.

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