The Pre-Pregame

What to eat before a night of drinking.

I’m going to keep this very straightforward: you must EAT before a night of drinking.

I don’t care how tight that dress is. If you don’t nourish, you ain’t gonna flourish.  You’ll end up being the blacked out crier, or maybe puke on some shoes. Whatever it is, it won’t be pretty and it won’t be right.


Fat slows the absorption of alcohol. This is a fact. If hangovers are the enemy, carbs and proteins are your very best friends. Prosciutto Pizza. Pasta Bolognese.

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But I can hear some one coming at me with the tight dress issue, all the way in Harlem.

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To which I will ease your worries. Try the good fats, like salmon and avocado. A spicy salmon roll (with brown rice, even!), and an avocado salad. Trout and mackerel are also valid. A handful of almonds on the way out. You get the gist.

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Eat well, look great, don’t black out! You’re welcome.


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