The Whale Wins

Chef Renee Erickson is a legend in here in Seattle. Her restaurants are known for starring fresh, local ingredients and elevating them into simple yet elegant meals. Dining at The Whale Wins will have you feeling spoiled by night’s end.


Music sets a jovial yet relaxed mood with older, soothing classics that play subtly in the background. Some tables are quite tightly placed, allowing for some eavesdropping on your neighbors. ” How about the roast beef? That sounds safe” the patron to my right said to my dismay. While it won’t get wild, on a busy weekend evening it could get quite bustling with voices and crockery.


The Whale Wins is light, airy and open. So open, in fact, that you can see the cooks in striped aprons plating along the cool, white marble countertop that runs down the middle of the restaurant and morphs into a bar at the far end. Minimalist with a nautical chic edge, it shares a building with a few other establishments, but none of which distract from The Whale’s pristine yet rustic atmosphere. An assembly of gorgeous plates piled high with various edible elements stand ready, at the disposal of knowing fingers arranging delicate plates.

 The Whale Wins in Seattle,WA


Start with seawolf bread, whose crackling crust and soft insides will try to fill you up before your meal begins.The portions are quite large and feel just luxurious enough as they are meant to be shared among your table’s inhabitants.

Seawolf Bread at The Whale Wins in Seattle,WA

Erickson’s other restaurants concentrate more on the sea than The Whale does, though there are a few plates with more obscure seafood than your typical dinner spot.

The Whale Wins in Seattle,WA

Each dish holds some natural accompaniments but always adds a wild card, whether it be coconut flakes on blackened broccoli or a savory caraway aioli spread beneath roasted cauliflower.

The Whale Wins in Seattle,WA

It may be difficult, but try to spare some room in your appetite for dessert, where the treats are decadent but not overly sweet. It is obvious that the quality of the ingredients are of paramount importance which reveals quite an extraordinary meal.

The Whale Wins in Seattle,WA

3506 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-9425
Monday – Friday 4:00pm-10:00pm

Sunday 4:00pm-9:00pm
Happy Hour
Monday – Thursday 4:00pm-6:00pm 

Abby Cerquitella


Abby and her foodish proclivities have traveled from the bustling city of Budapest, to the cornfields of Indiana and are now nestled between mountains along the Sound in Seattle, where it doesn't rain as much as they tell you. She works as a production assistant for Spilled Milk Podcast and at The Book Larder, a community cookbook store. She collects Agatha Christie books, wants to be Jennifer Lawrence and requests to be buried with her Arrested Development DVDs.

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